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Responsify lends a hand with the framework of a responsive site, letting you get the basics in place pronto:


Many thanks!

Css3 lets you select the first of a type of element and give it a particular styling. Cool, huh? Only discovered that today.

Get a little help with your colour combinations at www.colorcombos.com. It not only lets you see colours working togerther but provides the hex codes for css.

An easy online tool to get the opacity right on backgrounds.

Get some help with htaccess using htaccess tools.

Trying to work out how a site works? Is it Joomla, Drupal, something custom-built?

Try using one of these sites for more information:

To add a new block position to a drupal theme is easier than I thought:

If you ever need to combine several RSS feeds into one feed, there are several free online tools that will do this now. Here are some of the ones the Walrus tested:

Ever need to find out how many characters are in a paragraph? Try this little script that takes the tedium out of character counting.

Need to move from Joomla to Wordpress, or Typo to Drupal? Try the online service http://www.cms2cms.com

Need to test your responsive site on a variety of phones and devices? Try some of these free sites:

Find out who is directing traffic your way with these two sites:

Here's how to make a selec list required and disable the holder item at the top of the list!

I wanted to add a Like this button to a Drupal site without installing yet another module.
 This led me to the little known PHP filter.

Sometimes sites go down. Sometimes they just do. Could be a glitch that is quickly resolved by the hosting company or it could be more serious. It's not possible to keep watch all the time and sometimes knowing when a site went down is crucial to getting it up and running quickly.