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The more I work with Drupal, the more I like it, but there's no question it has it's fair shair of quirks. Two that I always forget about are: conditional stylesheets and the onfocus bit needed to get the default value in input boxes to disappear.

Many CMS's have text menu items. But what if you have a design that calls for graphics as menu items? How do you get rid of the text? Easy. In the css just indent the text out of the way:

I'm sure I'm not alone in my dislike of being shepherded into the mobile arena whenever I'm using a mobile device. My ipad can handle fully-functional websites just fine thank you very much so please don't chase me into a slimmed down, content-poor version of your site just because I'm on the move.

It's time. The migration of 1.5 to 2.5 cannot be put off any longer so the journey begins.

Ever been curious about the inner workings of a site? Often I want to know what version of a particular CMS a site is running, or if it's something open-source that I can replicate.

It used to be easy to tell who did what in the zoo. The webmaster was the bearded guy in the corner who preferred computers to people, usually had a semi-severe case of BO but could make your website do amazing things that you hadn't even thought about before. The web entrepreneur was the slick dude with a fast car and more hair gel than is generally thought healthly. Now the tech department's inhabitants are more difficult to recognise. This is what the walrus thinks:

I often gets calls or emails asking if a site is down. Sometimes it is but sometimes it is just a local connection problem. Instead of asking people to ping the site or baffle them with other techie requests (although that can be fun too), I now usually direct them to this very useful site: Is it down for everyone or just me.

Here's a handy tool for creating those slick css buttons. A big thank you to whoever produced this online tool. It has saved me a ton of time and maybe one day I will even use it to make snazzy buttons for this site.

Useful CSS code for a variety of mobile devices:

I have often used a Lorem Ipsum text generator to create placeholder text. My favourite is probably Cupcake Ipsum but images have always been more troublesome.

Now there's an online service to place holder images in your design whenever, wherever you need them.

As part of my move towards more responsive web development I am using ems instead of pixels now in my css for fonts, margins, paddings etc.

But I have found two very useful sites for converting pixels to ems:

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.


If like me you spend time trying to figure out why people are having problems in their online experience, you may find Support Details handy.

Ever wondered how to create a QR code?

Have been pondering the posibility of doing some A/B testing for sometime now. Today a gSouthAfrica I attended a great presentation on google's content experiments - now part of Analytics. 

As a long-time Joomla fan I have been scratching my head with a recent Drupal job. Why is it so difficult to order articles in a specific order - not strictly by date or title?